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Sheep Calculators

See here for a sheep water calculator to calculate your monthly and cumulative water requirements.

Simple calculator of how much of two feed supplements to meet specific energy or protein requirements of an animal.

Simple to use for a 2 ration mix

Requires knowledge of animal requirements for energy and protein
Estimates for 2 feeds – one must be higher than requirements

It is used to calculate longer term quantities and costs to feed classes of stock over an estimated feeding period.

Simple cumulative spreadsheet estimating cost and total tonnage over likely drought/feeding period
Downloadable spreadsheet

Requires estimate of how much will be fed for how long

This calculator works out a simple gross margin to help make a decision on whether to finish/feed lambs or sell.

Simple calculator that provides drop down help boxes to fill in what you need

Requires input of costs, feed consumption and lamb weights (starting and selling) and market value