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Deferred grazing for winter lambing ewes

The practice of autumn pasture saving involves deferring grazing after the autumn break until feed on offer (FOO) is sufficient to sustain the growth of enough feed through the winter until spring, when pasture growth increases dramatically.

Creating a feed wedge after the autumn break requires increased levels of supplementary feeding while stock are kept either in containment or in sacrifice paddocks. This can come at significant expense, depending on the level of supplementation required and fodder costs.

The Glenthompson–Dunkeld BestWool/BestLamb group embarked on a three-year Enhanced Producer Demonstration Site project between 2016 and 2018 with Agriculture Victoria (co-funded by Meat & Livestock Australia), to help weigh up the costs and benefits of autumn.

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Deferred grazing for winter lambing ewes

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