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energy requirements

Hands cupping grains

Feed testing – webinar recording

Check out this webinar recording on the benefits of feed testing and how to interpret the results. Click here to access the webinar To supply your livestock needs and ensure the best value for...

Angus cows and calves in pasture

Management of heifers and cows before calving

Guidelines for managing heifers and cows before calving Careful management of nutrition of pregnant females in all trimesters of pregnancy pays dividends at calving time. Calf loss will be minimised and calving supervision can...

Hands cupping grains

March towards feed quality

To supply your livestock needs and ensure the best value for money, you need to know the nutritive value of the feedstuffs. It is difficult to judge the quality of a feed visually, so...

Sheep eating grass in a small flock

Safely getting stock onto grain

The state has experienced quite variable seasonal conditions this summer, with some areas receiving significant rain and even some very intensive events while others have remained very dry.  Either way, if there are large...