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SheepNotes out now! Spring 2023

SheepNotes spring 2023 is OUT NOW – includes articles on Worm resistance in Victoria; soil carbon explained; the importance of understanding ‘fit to load’; ration builder and how to making it easier and more. 

Feeding ‘How to’ videos

A series of short ‘How to’ videos that work through key considerations for feeding livestock are now available.  The calculations are ‘back of the envelope’, easy to follow and can be readily adapted to...

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New! Ration Builder

An excel spreadsheet that can be used to build rations from multiple ingredients to achieve a desired energy and protein level in a diet.  Includes a mixing sheet that itemises ingredients and gives a...

New Pasture Resources link

New! Pasture Resources

Have you looked at the pasture resources section recently? The Useful Tables and Pasture Tools Tabs provide: Click on the link to check out the new Pasture Resources

Myth Buster: Do livestock self medicate?

Do livestock (sheep and beef cattle) self medicate? Or find what they need if it’s available? Dr Shawn McGrath, Senior Lecturer in Animal Production at Charles Sturt University joins us to discuss the science...

Managing cattle weaners in winter

It is considered good practice for beef producers to set a winter feed and financial budget. This must take into consideration remaining stored feeds, available paddock feed and importantly, the class of stock to...

Hands cupping grains

Feed testing – webinar recording

Check out this webinar recording on the benefits of feed testing and how to interpret the results. Click here to access the webinar To supply your livestock needs and ensure the best value for...