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Autumn saving of pastures – Enhanced Producer Demonstration Site

Autumn saving is a useful tool to manage grass growth at the break.  It involves deferring grazing after the autumn break until feed on offer (FOO) is sufficient to maintain enough feed until spring, when pasture growth increases dramatically.

The Glenthompson–Dunkeld BestWool/BestLamb (BWBL) group took part in a three-year demonstration to examine the practice of autumn saving and its impact on farm profitability between 2016 -2018.

The demonstration found;

  • Autumn saving gives more certainty to producers to provide adequate nutrition to early and mid-winter lambing ewes.
  • Autumn saving is a cost-effective method for producing extra feed. To be profitable, stocking rates need to be adequate to use the additional feed.

For more information about the practice of ‘autumn saving’ and the full demonstration results please follow the following links