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How are your farm dams holding up?

Whilst spring was very wet and many farm dams were full at Christmas time, this may no longer be the case.  Full dams at the start of summer may not be guaranteed to make it through a dry summer, particularly if dams are small or shallow. Dams lose up to one meter of water from evaporation.  Rather than wait for levels to drop too low, have a go at this summer water calculator to check on water levels in your dams and tanks and to estimate how long water for stock will last.  It’s a simple calculator that is menu driven and steps through easily. It can be used for different dam shapes and for tanks; allows for summer evaporation and has helpful information as you go. Knowing the depth of your dam is critical for getting an estimate of its capacity. There is also a short video that shows you how to make the DAMDEEP depth measuring tool.  Click here for the summer water calculator and DAMDEEP depth measuring tool.