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Strategic summer drenching of sheep

Summer drenching is the key to minimising worm carryover into next year, by making sure that there are few worms in your sheep getting a free ride into autumn.

A wetter spring means pasture may remain greener for longer. More frequent worm egg count (WEC) monitoring is recommended to ensure a low worm burden in your sheep flock is maintained.

Use the WormBoss drench decision guide for best practice summer drenching and deciding if you should use a strategic or tactical drench.

Making a decision about a second summer drench

  • monitor worm levels using worm egg counts
  • consider the age and class of sheep, their body condition and future grazing choices
  • use a professional consultant to establish a decision tree to decide whether a drench is needed, and which sheep can be left un-drenched.

Video: What worms and where navigate the insides of the sheep gut to see what worms are found where and the impact they have on sheep health.