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Watch our focus on fodder conservation webinar

Focus on – Fodder Conservation

This webinar focuses on fodder conservation and is presented by Michele Jolliffe, Regional Manager Dairy, South West and Claire Waterman Specialist Farm Business economist.

With welcome rain and pasture growth across Victoria, thoughts have turned to the conservation of fodder. This recorded webinar draws on the vast knowledge of Dairy Extension Officer, Michele Jolliffe. It is focused on the production of quality silage and identifying the costs involved.

Michele covers what is required to ensure that you succeed in ensiling a top-quality product. Her rule of thumb is to guarantee timeliness which reduces quality losses throughout the process.

Claire rounds up the webinar with tips on how to ensure cost effectiveness when considering fodder conservation, as well as providing some tools to work out whether investing in your own equipment or using a contractor is the way to go.

To watch the recording, please click on the following link

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