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Do you need help assessing how good your pastures/crops are for your stock?

It can be difficult to assess pastures and/or stubbles over summer for their value to stock. There are a couple of good image libraries on this website that can give you some guidance. Firstly the Feed on Offer assessment guide is for farmers in the low rainfall mixed farming areas which has pictures with feed values, of a range of crop and pasture types. You can download the pdf or view online.  Secondly the AWI FOO (Food on Offer) library has a range of pastures over the seasons with pictures and estimation of FOO and feed quality that can help to estimate what you have on offer and whether it is good enough for any class of stock and what may be limiting.  

Access tables quickly to see what various classes of cattle need (Useful Tables – Beef ) or sheep (Useful Tables – Sheep) to estimate what your animals need and next week, we will walk through some of the tools that you can use to work out rations for any class of stock.

Feed Layouts
AWI Feed On Offer Library