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Beef Book Focus: Ch. 5 Choosing Feeds

Chapter 5: Choosing Feeds of the Beef Drought Book contains the following information: Understanding the components of a feed How to sample for a feed analysis Costing fodders on energy value Other factors to...

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Common feed values

Cattle IMPORTANT – Note the difference in approximate dry matter (DM) % (ME) Metabolisable energy (MJ/kg DM) Approximate dry matter (DM) % Energy MJ ME/kg DM Crude protein % dry matter When fed whole...

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Weight of hay bales

(wet weights/as fed weights) Source: Dairy Pasture Consumption Calculator Hay Bale Shape Bale size Weight (as fed, t) Dry Matter (%) Dry weight (t DM) Round 4×4 0.25 85 0.21 Round 5×4 0.35 85...